And we’re off to the festivals!

SAVANT Films is happy to share the news that Unfinished Sentences will have its first festival screening at IFF Panama in April! This is particularly special to us as IFF Panama has been so supportive of the film, having shortlisted Unfinished Sentences to compete in the works in progress competition, Primera Mirada, in 2017. So we’re working on a Spanish translation and subtitles, and look forward to heading to Panama in April.

About Unfinished Sentences:
Unfinished Sentences is a feature-length documentary from veteran filmmaker, Mariel Brown, about her tumultuous relationship with her late father, Trinidadian columnist and poet, Wayne Brown.

About IFF Panama:

IFF Panama exists because of the immense passion of the Panamanian public towards the cinema. It is the audience of this country, always open to exchange with all the nations of the world, which gave rise to the festival in 2012 and which has made it grow, by recognizing it and supporting it as an essential cultural nutrient.

With regards to Central America and the Caribbean, IFF Panama shows the world a developing filmography, with a commitment to its own color and genuine taste that promises a new and fresh global offer.


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