Excellent review of Unfinished Sentences

Memories playback like movies: a new personal documentary from Trinidad by Jaie Laplante, Director of Programming, Miami Film Festival ‘In further creating the sensation of how memories work, a significant amount of Brown’s material is layered and super-imposed upon other visuals, creating a sense of the dense thorniness and complexity of how the mind seeksContinue reading “Excellent review of Unfinished Sentences”

Unfinished Sentences heads to IFF Panama!

Unfinished Sentences was one of four films selected to compete at the works-in-progress competition, Primera Mirada, at the Panama International Film Festival (IFF Panama). According to Variety writer, Martin Dale, ‘[Primera Mirada] attracts leading international sales agents to its screenings – projects will be screened in exclusive private sessions for sales agents, distributors, and film festivalContinue reading “Unfinished Sentences heads to IFF Panama!”

Studio Sessions

Over the past week, we have been recording much of the narration for Unfinished Sentences.  We’ve had the great pleasure of working with actors Nigel Scott and Nickolai Salcedo.  And director Mariel Brown, who is also one of the central characters in the film, was coached through her narration by the talented director, Juliette McCawley.Continue reading “Studio Sessions”

Unfinished Sentences and Ventana Sur!

We’ve been given the amazing opportunity of pitching Unfinished Sentences at one of the most important film markets in Latin America: Ventana Sur.  This is wonderful news for the film – the market has already started generating press in Screen Daily, Variety and other industry dailies – participation allows us to expand our network into Latin America. According to theContinue reading “Unfinished Sentences and Ventana Sur!”